Restaurant Tip Reporting Management

Tip Law Compliance is a laborious process, keeping up with it, creating your own ledgers, spreadsheets, etc. is a draining use of your time!

ProComp HR’s Tip Reporting System, TipsMax, provides an exclusive low cost, comprehensive software solution, that is proven and exceeds your tip reporting needs, it’s easy to use and safeguards your record retention.

Staying Compliant with TipsMax:

  • Restaurant employees are considered manual labor and required to receive a weekly analysis in the form of a payment stub of hours worked, tips paid, declared meals, etc. TipsMax prepares paystubs effortlessly and avoids faulty record keeping.

  • Record keeping for tips must be maintained for 6 years. TipsMax’s unlimited storage capabilities reduces the need for cumbersome paper files & cabinets.

  • Tip credits are permissible provided that certain conditions are met. TipsMax software has the most up to date tip management system available.

  • Restaurants with 10 or more employees even if maintained in separate corporations are required to reconcile their tips on an annual basis. TipsMax reporting and record keeping systems meet both annual and quartely filing reqirements, easily accessible for both your accountants & payroll provider.


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