1099 Reporting

Due to stricter government regulations the IRS is making 1099 reporting PRIORITY ONE!

In the past you may have neglected filing your 1099’s for those independent contractors who are not on your payroll. This can happen no more… With the federal and state governments trying to find additional sources of revenue, we have noticed an increase in 1099 audits and other related notices.

Let ProCompHR keep you compliant with the IRS.  Our experienced 1099 division will:

  1. Evaluate your company’s payroll and ensure that all your employed Independent  contractors who receive $600 or more during the year get issued a 1099.
  2. Ensure that the right 1099 is being issued and the correct business payments are being reported.
  3. Ensure that each required copy is delivered to the correct parties: (payer, payee, IRS, State Tax Department if required)
  4. Ensure that all 1099’s are sent before required due dates to avoid additional penalties.

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