Workers Compensation

Workers' compensation provides benefits to workers disabled by occupational illness or injury. Each state mandates coverage and provides benefits. In most states, private insurance or an employer self-insurance arrangement provides the coverage. Some states mandate short-term disability benefits as well.

We can help you select a workers’ compensation insurance plan from top-tier national carriers, while our integrated Workers’ Compensation Payment Service can give you a smarter, more cost-effective means to manage your policy.

Integrating your workers’ compensation policy with Payroll greatly reduces your risk of big down payments, surprise premiums, financing fees, and balloon payments that otherwise impact your cash flow.  Our systems create a level payment environment.

Workers Comp rates are stated and regulated by Industry and job within the industry.  Overpaying is a result of inaccurate/sloppy recordkeeping of employee time to the task they are doing at any given day.  Managment of the audit process and proper payroll reporting is the Key to accurate billing and a No surprise environment.

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